Crash Cushions and Roll Defender

Nombre: Amortiguador de Impacto ABS 130
Código: ABSORB-130

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crash cushions and roll defender

Crash Cushions and Roll Defender

The innovative Crash Cushions and Roll Defender has been designed with the most advanced technology to guarantee an effective protection in highways and high-speed tracks.

Its distinguished feature is the absence of metal parts, creating an efficient and unique option.

Some special features are mention below:

  • Triple Container System:
    • Plastic outer container (rotomolding).
    • 2 flexible inner containers with high resistance to tear and punching shear.
  • Art tight Seal Cap:
    • Equipped with a cap that ensures the air tight seal, incorporating a pressure relief valve for an optimal performance.
  • Modules Specially Designed for:
    • Modules are joined through a coupling system that ensures integrity and avoid separations.
  • Maintenance:
    • It doesn’t require maintenance to fill with water, avoiding the need of constant configuration.
  • Lateral Reinforcement (optional):
    • Option to integrate a solid plastic lateral reinforcement through an intrusion process.
  • Preventive Elements (optional):

Main Features:

  • Modules and Test Level:
    • Integrated by a front module and universal modules, with a capacity to reach the TL-3/ NC-3 to comply with NOM-008-SCT2-2013.
  • Impact Absorption System:
    • Use the new “Impact Attenuator by Triple Container Module System” for a coordinated response in case of impact.
  • Ideal usage for highways and high-speed tracks: 
    • Designed to prevent collisions with structures like bridges, toll booths, posts, trees, et al, reducing the severity of the injuries and controlling vehicles’ speed safely.
  • High Resistance Materials: 
    • Outer containers manufactured in medium density polyethylene with UV-protection, providing a durable resistance to environmental conditions.
  • Improved Visibility:
    • The front module has a lamp powered by sun for exceptional visibility at long distances.
  • Security and Ease of Filling:
    • Flexible inner containers with security valve and airtight seal filling, avoiding loss of water through evaporation and simplifying the filling process.


This Crash Cushions and Roll Defender offer a comprehensive and effective solution for road safety, standing out for its advanced design and innovative features.

Ensure the protection of your road infrastructure with this reliable and high-performance option.


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