Attenuator Freeway

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attenuator freeway

Attenuator Freeway

The Attenuator Freeway stands out for its great flexibility, withstanding impacts and collisions exceptionally.

This fundamental feature allows its flexibility in different situations, providing a reliable solution in dynamic environments.

In addition, it is distinguished for its notable resistance to environment, offering an effective protection against UV-rays and withstanding extreme temperature changes from -22 °F to 176 °F.

The Attenuator Freeway installation is a quick, affordable and easy process. Its innovative design facilitates the implementation in different contexts, guaranteeing efficiency and practicality.

Therefore, its filling capacity with water or sand adds versatility, adapting to different needs with ease and effectiveness.

The security ensures physical integrity of the environment, as users, becoming the reliable and safe option.

Visibility is other key advantage, thanks to its manufacturing with visible colors during day.

Apart from its colors, the intelligent use of high-quality engineer reflective material ensures great reflectance during night, optimizing safety in low-light conditions.



  • Length: 34.8 in
  • Height: 4.0 ft
  • Width: 14.7 in
  • Color: orange Reflective Sheeting: white


In conclusion not only stands out for its resistance and versatility but for its security and visibility approach.

A comprehensive solution that adapts to different needs, offering reliability and efficiency in any environment.

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