Crash Attenuator

Nombre: Amortiguador de Impacto 130
Código: ABSORB-130

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crash attenuator

Crash Attenuator

The Crash Attenuator is a groundbreaking device designed for highways and high-speed tracks, with unique features that transform it into an efficient and safe solution to prevent road accidents.

Its avant-garde design is based on a triple container system, where each module offers an exceptional resistance without metal parts, guaranteeing durability and resistance.

Key Features:
  • Triple Container Modules:
    • Plastic Outer Container (rotomolding).
    • 2 inner flexible containers with high resistance to wear and punching shear.
  • Air tight seal cap and pressure relief valve: 
    • Air tight seal cap with pressure relief valve for a better security.
  • Efficiency without water loss:
    • No water loss through evaporation, ensuring efficacy over time.
  • Easy Maintenance:
    • It doesn’t require maintenance to fill with water, providing a convenient solution.
  • Lateral Reinforcement (optional):
    • Option to add lateral reinforcement of solid plastic manufactured in intrusion process.
  • Preventive Elements (Optional):
    • Luminus road stud.
    • Delineator Post 105.
    • Superflexible Delineator Post (Poliflexy).
  • New Absorption System: 
    • Impact Absorption System through triple container modules.
  • Regulatory Compliance:
  • Unified Design for Impacts: 
    • Modules are joined through a special coupling system, guaranteeing a unified performance in case of impact.
  • Versatile Application:
    • Ideal to avoid shocks against elements like bridges, toll booths, posts and trees, reducing the severity of injuries in accidents.
  • High Quality Materials: 
    • Outer containers manufactured in medium density polyethylene with UV-protection, offering resistance to environmental exposure.
  • Improved Visibility: 
    • Front module has a lamp powered by sun for an exceptional visibility at long distance.
  • Security and Impact Control: 
    • Absorbs the strength of the impact, reducing the speed of the vehicles involved in the accident.


The Crash Attenuator represents a comprehensive solution for road safety, combining innovation, durability and effectiveness in accident prevention.

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