Traffic Attenuators

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traffic attenuators

Traffic Attenuators

The Traffic Attenuators arise as advanced solutions for traffic management and road safety, offering unique features that are distinguished on their category.

Designed to prevent accidents and stand out for their efficient ability to cushion, ensuring safety in traffic environments proactively.

Key Features:
  • Resistance like no other: Traffic Attenuators have exceptional durability, facing the environmental inclemency, UV-rays and extreme temperature changes.
  • Adaptability to Collisions: In soft collisions recover their original shape, as heavy or harder impacts, absorb the impact effects, minimizing damages and increasing traffic security.
  • Improved Night Visibility: Equipped with high retroreflection reflective material ensuring an optimal visibility during night, contributing to accident prevention in low-light conditions
  • Versatile Impact Attenuator: The Impact Attenuators can be filled with water or sand, providing stability and versatility according to the specific needs of each situation.
  • Solid Structural Design: Manufactured in one piece with additional modules to reinforce resistance and security, these Attenuators stands out for its solid and reliable structure.
  • Innovative Electronic Button: The Solar Front button of these attenuators offer a unique functionality, with great resistance to friction, abrasion, shocks and impacts.
Features of the Electronic Button: 
  • Advanced Technology: Incorporate solar technology and light-emitting diode with great efficiency and a durability for over 10 years, ensuring a constant performance.
  • Autonomous Functionality: Self-rechargeable battery, the buttons illuminate automatically at night when stop receiving sun light, guaranteeing constant visibility.
  • Safe Design: Their body without cutting borders ensure security to pedestrians and vehicles.
  • Climate Adaptability: Offers great visibility in any climate condition, providing a clear and effective signaling.
  • Lighted Customization: According to the specific needs, the electronic system allows to adjust the light efficiency, with option to incorporate up to 5 LEDs.


  • Front Attenuator: Height: 4.7 ft
  • Width: 21.2 in
  • Length: 35.4 in
  • Universal Module: Height: 34.6 in
  • Width: 21.2 in
  • Length: 5.5 ft
  • Reflective Sheeting: white


The Traffic Attenuators revolutionize road safety with resistance, versatility and advanced technology, providing a comprehensive and effective solution for traffic management.

Its innovative design and features place this device as a superior choice to improve security in highways and traffic areas.

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