Small Traffic Cone

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Small Traffic Cone

Experience the maximum control of traffic with our Small Traffic Cone, an essential tool for effective management of highways, and emergency situations.

This Plastic Cone is made of high-quality materials, that offer durability and resistance to ensure an optimal performance in several conditions.

Key Features: 

  • Robust Design: With a robust body and square base in one piece, our Small Traffic Cone stands as a reliable marker in every road environment.
  • Superior Resistance: Created to resist shocks and impacts, this cone is the ideal solution for construction projects and situations of highway’s emergency.
  • Efficient Redirecting of Traffic: This device safely and efficiently diverts traffic, when it is necessary, providing a quick and effective solution for vehicular traffic management. .
  • Night Visibility: Equipped with reflective rings, our cone alert drivers in low-light conditions, always guaranteeing security.
  • Customized Configuration: Available with or without reflective straps, offering adapted options to your specific needs.
  • Portability and Storage: Its stackable design and ideal size create the perfect choice to carry in your car or use it in any moment, in outdoors or indoors.
  • Comply with standards: Designed to comply with standards of night work, this cone is your reliable ally in critical situations.
  • Resistance to Elements: Manufactured in medium density polyethylene, this device is resistant to UV-rays, ensuring a long-life span even in adverse climate conditions.


  • Base 5.5 in. per side
  • Height 9.8 in


Select our orange cone and experience the calm of having a comprehensive solution for traffic control, or you can explore our greatest cone options, such as the Traffic Cones with Reflective Tape or the Plastic Orange Cones, et al.


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