Yellow Traffic Cone

Nombre: Cono Flex 71

Código: CNFI-71


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Yellow Traffic Cone

In the world of road signaling, Yellow Traffic Cones stands out as a superior choice, thanks to its innovative material and robust design.

These cones, made from the revolutionary Poliflexy material, not only outperform traditional PVC cones in strength, but also offer exceptional durability.

Unique Advantages: 

  • Extreme Resistance: Unlike conventional cones, Yellow Traffic Cones are more resistant, withstanding adverse climate conditions and maintaining its original shape after impacts.
  • Extended Durability: Equipped with protection against UV-rays, these cones have an exceptional lifespan of approximately 10 years without color loss or structural integrity.

 Versatile Applications:

  • Work Zones: Ideal to sign construction areas and road repairs, providing a clear and durable warning.
  • Road Safety: Their usage on highways, parking lots and places where signaling is required, guarantees an effective and safe demarcation.

Special Features:

  • Shocking Recovery: Manufactured in one piece of Poliflexy, these cones recover their original shape after impacts or run-overs, ensuring exceptional resistance.
  • Improved Stability: Their supports of polymer fusion guarantee an inseparable join and provide stability even in challenging climate conditions.
  • Night Visibility: Option to add high intensity reflective bands and possibility to install flashing lights, guaranteeing an optimal visibility during night.


In Multiseñal, we are proud to offer Yellow Traffic Cones of the highest quality.


  • Base: 14.5 in per side
  • Height: 27.9 in


Trust in our experience and a resistance like no other, with our Yellow Traffic Cones to ensure an effective and long-lasting signaling in all your projects.

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