Type 1 Barricade

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Type 1 Barricade

Type 1 Barricade is an efficient and versatile solution for road safety, composed by one or two fixed barriers in two cones.

Ideal as a preventive barricade in diversions, highways or construction works; this can be used in both, inside or outside of the city.

Presents a notable resistance to impacts and any type of collisions.

Key Features:

  • Easy Road Operations: Facilitates the road operations thanks to its intuitive design.
  • Replace Metallic Barriers: A convenient alternative to substitute metal barriers.
  • Easy to Transport: Its transport is simplified thanks to their assembled elements.
  • Inclemency Resistant: Offers a high resistance to adverse climate conditions.
  • UV Protection: This Type 1 Barricade is protected against the harmful effects of UV rays.
  • Safety for Drivers: All its components have round edges providing great security in case of collision.


Type 1 Barricade stands out for its design without cutting and sharp edges, guaranteeing pedestrian and driver’s safety.

The cones have the required weight to provide solidity and stability to withstand winds.

These innovative products stand as an eco-friendly option, due to its totally harmless materials.



  • Length: 6.5 ft
  • Height: 3.2 ft
  • Hexagonal Base: 7.8 in. per side
  • Barricade’s Body: orange


In conclusion, the Type 1 Barricade is presented as a reliable and efficient option to promote road safety in different environments, providing a convenient and safe alternative for traffic management and road works protection.

We invite you to explore more about excellent road products, such as the Type 2 Barricade, with excellent performance. Remember…we are manufacturers and distributors of our products!


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