Traffic Marking Paint

Pinturas base agua o aceite, especiales para pintar líneas de tráfico

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Traffic Marking Paint

Traffic Marking Paint in white, carefully created to satisfy various requirements, offering two options, water-based or oil-based.

These specialized Road Paints stand out for its versatility, being perfect to demarcate lines of roads, parking spaces, urban routes, center barriers, ditches, et al.

The incorporated advanced technology of our product ensures an uncomplicated application and a resistant finish, standing out its commitment to durability.

Key Features:
  • Variety of Bases: We offer water-based or oil-based options to adapt to your preferences and specific requirements.
  • Versatility of Usage: Ideal to delineate road lines, parking lots, urban zones, central barriers, ditches, et al.
  • Advanced Technology: Our painting has avant-garde technology to guarantee an easy application and long-lasting finish.
  • High Visibility and Quality: With a superior quality and high visibility, this paint significantly contributes to improve traffic safety and maintain a clear and defined signaling.
  • Traffic Flow and Security: Favor a safe and continuous traffic flow, always developing road safety.

We are committed to enhance a better solution adapted to your specific needs.

With the Traffic Marking Paint, we guarantee quality, durability and safety in every application.


  • Drum with 52.8 gal
  • Color: White


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