Traffic Yellow Paint

Pinturas base agua o aceite, especiales para pintar líneas de tráfico.

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Traffic Yellow Paint

The Traffic Yellow Paint is specifically designed to provide an exceptional performance and outstanding durability.

Its advanced formula ensures precise signaling on traffic lines, parking lots, urban roads, center barriers and ditches, guaranteeing efficacy in several applications.

This product is a reliable option to maintain traffic safety and improve visibility in road environments.

Key Features:
  • High performance and Durability: Offers a superior resistance to climate conditions and deterioration, providing a long-lasting signaling over time.
  • Versatility of application: Ideal for various surfaces, including highways, urban street and parking spaces, providing a comprehensive solution for road signaling.
  • Integrated Glass Micro-spheres: Both, water-based and oil-based can be enhanced with glass micro-spheres, specially improving visibility and reflectivity during nighttime or low-light conditions.
  • Easy to apply: Its composition facilitates the application, to allow an efficient and uniform process, even to those users with little experience in signaling works.
  • Comply with Traffic Safety Standards: The paint is created according to the road safety standards, ensuring a high visibility level and contributing to reduce traffic accidents.

Details of the product:

  • Drum with 5.0 gal
  • Color: Yellow


Whether you are involved in large scale traffic projects or you need a reliable solution for urban spaces, the Yellow Traffic Paint is the perfect choice for an efficient and long-lasting signaling.

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