Traffic Drum with Light

Nombre: Trafitambo Luminoso

Código: TSP-120-LUZ

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Traffic Drum with Light

Immerse yourself in innovation with our essential accessory for roadworks, the Traffic Drum with Light.

This device, designed to stand out in any road construction or repair project, features an advanced internal lighting system based on flashing red LEDs, ensuring optimal visibility during the night.

Key features:

  • Automatic on/off system for added convenience.
  • Made of medium-density polyethylene, orange color, with a detachable heavy base for wind resistance.
  • 12 state-of-the-art ultra-bright LEDs illuminate the traffic cone, visible at great distances.
  • LED intensification for exceptional visibility.
  • Option for steady or flashing mode, with synchronization between units.
  • High-quality guaranteed for weather and UV resistance, ensuring durability.
  • Top handle for easy handling.
  • 5.91 inches solar cell.
  • 2 batteries of 1.5V each.
  • 5hrs charging for 60hrs functionality.
  • Approximate LED lifespan of 100,000 hours.


Traffic cones, red polyethylene cylindrical safety devices, are ideal for slowing down in enclosed areas such as parking lots.

The adaptability of traffic cones allows for various configurations, making them versatile tools in a range of scenarios, from road construction and maintenance to event management and public safety.

Discover excellence in road safety with our traffic drum, a durable and effective investment for your road projects.

Improve visibility and safety with this innovative solution! Alternatively, explore our other excellent options such as the solar traffic drum or the traffic barrel.


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