Orange Traffic Barrels

Nombre: Traffic Barrel – 109

Código: TSL-109


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Orange Traffic Barrels

In the field of road safety, the Orange Traffic Barrels is known as a cylindrical device made of polyethylene, designed to highlight and secure areas undergoing roadworks, repairs, detours, and obstacles.

Its utility lies in being an essential element for traffic management, colored orange and equipped with reflective bands to enhance visibility.

Its presence not only effectively signals roadworks but also contributes to reducing speed in enclosed spaces such as parking lots.

Being a highly visible and distinctive object, it alerts drivers and pedestrians to the need for caution, thereby contributing to accident prevention and efficient traffic organization.

In summary, the orange trraffic barrels, thanks to its characteristics and design, emerges as a crucial tool for safety and signaling in various road environments.


  • Lower diameter: 19.69 inches.
  • Upper diameter: 16.93 inches.
  • Height: 42.13 inches.
  • Reflective: white or amber.


If you need to acquire one of our orange trraffic barrels, we offer more options that undoubtedly meet your needs and objectives, such as the solar traffic drums, an innovative and sustainable product.


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