Bicycle Lane Markings Biciloseta

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Biciloseta BL-90

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Bicycle Lane Markings Biciloseta

The Bicycle Lane Markings (Biciloseta in Spanish) are tactile pavings designed to mark effectively the cyclist routes, these are incorporated to floor discreetly. With a textured shape in high relief, this model has a lightweight but optimal height that enables an easy recognition for users.


Key Features:

  • Precise Indication: The purposes of Bicycle Lane Markings are to indicate, warn and provide a reliable guidance in cyclists road, increasing traffic security.
  • High Quality Material: Manufactured in PVC, guarantees durability and resistance to wear, the reliable choice for urban spaces.
  • Tactile Texture: The tactile surface of these markings, with their anti-slip bevel and a 5mm thickness, facilitates the guiding when providing a tactile experience.
  • Visual Contrast: Contrast with the existent pavement thanks to their white color, facilitating visibility as an outstanding element in an urban environment.
  • Environmental Resistance: Their body is resistant to the environment and UV-rays, ensuring a long shelf life, without losing efficacy.
  • Compatibility with Pedestrians: The Bicycle Lane Markings don’t cause any inconvenience to the rest of population, guaranteeing a safe coexistence with pedestrians and other users in shared environments.
  • Easy Installation: Their quick and easy installation is adaptable to pavement or asphalt. Their installation consists in a unique adhesive with a catalyst, simplifying the process and guaranteeing a safe fastening.



  • Tactile, anti slip bevel with a 5 mm thickness.

The Bicycle Lane Markings are the ideal option for bikeways, pedestrian crossings and any place where is necessary to guide users effectively and safely. Invest in traffic safety with a reliable and superior quality product.

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