Urban Planters



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Urban Planters

The Urban Planters are groundbreaking products manufactured in medium density polyethylene by plastic molding process, unique pieces without additional parts. This exclusive feature guarantees resistance against breaking or stress points that may affect their daily performance.

Key Features:

  • Durable Material: Manufactured in medium density polyethylene.
  • Plastic Injection Process: Guarantees structural integrity.
  • Resistant to Climate Conditions: Can withstand any climate.
  • Protection against UV-Rays: Maintain their original appearance.
  • Double Wall for Water Reserve: Maximize water retention.
  • 7 Points for Water Re-absorption: Improve the growing of healthy plants.
  • Draining Valve: Facilitates the control of water level.
  • Easy Installation: It doesn’t require special installation.


Key Benefits:

  • Modular and Versatile: Recommended as channelizers for protected bike way lanes, to decorate houses, buildings and offices.
  • Efficient Irrigation System: Suitable water capacity and re-absorption system that reduce maintenance.
  • Ideal for Vegetables: Enables the cultivation of vegetables on the container.
  • Ecologic Concept: Combine perfectly with concepts for closed and ecologic bike lanes, suitable for offices and houses.
  • Urban Furniture: Useful in parks, malls, flat ceilings and other urban environments.



  • Customization Options: Add your message, logo or symbol of local authority in every planter.



  • Length: 4.9 ft
  • Height: 29.1 in
  • Width: 16.3 in



  • Terracotta
  • Water Capacity: 6 L/1.5 gal.


Other colors upon a minimum request of 200 pcs:

  • Green, white granite and white


Transform your space with the Urban Planters, innovative solutions that combine functionality, resistance and design to satisfy all your gardening or urban decoration needs. Find yours now!

We have a great variety of road products that improve the transit and mobility of cyclists, as the Bicycle Parking.


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