A Frame Sign Holder

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caballetes dos espacios

A-Frame Sign Holder

The A-Frame Sign Holder is specifically designed to stand out police or army checkpoints; this sign stands as a fundamental element for efficient signaling.

It includes two available spaces that provide the necessary versatility for customized messages or the strategical incorporation of reflective stripes for a maximum visibility.

In this case to sign specific spaces for people with disabilities.

Key Features:

  • Resistant to all-climate: Withstand extreme conditions, from UV-rays to extreme temperature changes, snow and others.
  • Double area for messages: Provide an ample space to communicate clear and concise messages.
  • Mobility and ease of usage: Its design facilitates the mobility and maneuverability, guaranteeing an easy implementation.
  • Improved Durability: Built with robust materials that offer a long life span and resistance to wear.
  • Folding and Stackable: It takes a minimum space during the storage, a convenient and efficient device.
  • Reduction of injury risk: Designed to minimize the risk of fingers being pinched, prioritizing security.
  • Efficient Storage: It requires a minimum space to store, facilitating the logistic management.
  • Ideal for reserved zones: It adapts perfectly to restricted areas, reinforcing security in critical places.
  • Versatile device to indicate, mark and turn: Its usage goes further than the basic signaling, is a versatile tool for different applications.
  • Avoid scratches in the floor and accidents: The careful design preserves the integrity of the floor and minimize the risk of accidents.



  • Width: 24.4 in
  • Height: 3.7 ft
  • Thickness: 2.9 in


This A-Frame Sign Holder redefine signaling, providing an integral and efficient solution for any environment, standing out for its versatility, durability and ease of usage.

We have a great variety of road products that improve the transit and mobility of people with disabilities, as the detectable warning surface or buttons marking nails.


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