Tactile Paving Tiles

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Tactile Paving Tiles

Tactile Paving Tiles, an anti-slip square guidance that integrate harmoniously the existent paving, standing out a contrasting color.

This innovative solution mainly suggested for schools, pedestrian crossings, hospital zones and commercial areas, offer an efficient tool to guide users.

Key Features:

  • Prevention and Warning: Tiles are positioned as a fundamental resource to prevent risks and alert about critical situations when crossing streets, access to public transport, enter to malls, go upstairs and ramps.
    Their tactile presence is essential for the security of people who are visually impaired or blind.
  • Anti slip and tactile design: With a 4-6 mm thickness and manufactured in PVC, these tiles present a tactile design and anti-slip bevel that guarantee safe and convenient experience for those who use it.
  • Resistant and eco-friendly: Its resistance to environment and UV rays ensures a long-term durability; in addition, the black color can be adapted to other color upon request.
  • Easy installation: This type of tiles stand out for its ease of installation, being adaptable to any flat surface through a unique adhesive and catalyst.
    This process doesn’t cause inconvenience to a person without disability.



  • 16.1″ x 7.4″
  • Colors: yellow, green or black


In summary, the Tactile Paving Tiles not only comply with the main function of provide security and guidance, it is also integrated in urban environments discretely and efficiently, contributing to universal accessibility.

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