Truncated Domes

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Truncated Domes

The Truncated Domes or Warning Tactile Paving are a tactile paving that is integrated efficiently to the floor, designed to facilitate the mobility of a person (or people) who is blind or visually impaired.

Present two high relief textured shapes that allow the tactile recognition.

The Guidance Tactile Paving act as a sign of safe advance, while the Truncated Domes or Warning Tactile Paving indicate warning, alert, stop or caution.

Usage recommendations:

  • Mainly suggested in school environments, pedestrian crossings, hospital zones and places where is required to guide user effectively.


Key Features:

  • Objective: Prevent, warn and provide a safe guidance to one person or more who is blind or visually impaired.
  • Clear Warnings: Identify the risks of crossing streets, enter to malls, parking lots, go upstairs or ramps, and others.
  • Differentiated Textures: 
    • Guidance Tactile Paving: Direct and facilitate advance.
    • Warning Tactile Paving or Truncated Domes: Indicates specific warnings and cautions.
  • Anti Slip and tactile: Anti slip bevel with a 4-6 mm thickness, manufactured in PVC to ensure durability.
  • Visual contrast: Available in yellow or green that contrast with the existent pavement for an easy recognition.
  • Resistance: Body Resistant to environment and UV-rays, ensuring a long life span.
  • It doesn’t interfere with the passage: The paving doesn’t cause any inconvenience to the pedestrian.
  • Easy installation: It adapts easily to any flat surface through a unique adhesive and catalyst.



  • 11.6″ x 11.6″
  • Colors: yellow, black or green


Truncated domes promote inclusion and security, facilitating the mobility of those who depend on these signs to navigate with confidence on their environment.

We have a road products variety that improve circulation and mobility of people with disabilities (whether are physical, visual or others) as the Detectable Warning Surface or the Buttons Marking Nails.


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