Detectable Warning Surface

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Detectable Warning Surface

The Detectable Warning Surface is an innovative safety solution, integrated to pavement with a conspicuous contrasting color.

This surface with square design is placed on the top and stand out for its ability to create tactile transitions in the floor, allowing to identify a clear way of beginning and end of ramps, as commercial or public entries and exits.

Suggested Applications: This product is highly recommended in environments like schools, pedestrian crossings, hospital areas and any place where is required an effective guidance for users.

The Detectable Warning Surface provide a precise orientation, facilitating the mobility of person or people who is/are blind in urban and commercial environments.

Key Features:

  • Prevention and warning: Warns about the risk of crossing streets, access to public transport, enter to a mall, parking lot or to go upstairs.
  • Tactile Design: Beveled anti-slip surface with a 4/6 mm thickness to guarantee a tactile, convenient and safe experience.
  • Durable Material: Manufactured in PVC, resistant to environmental conditions and UV-rays, ensuring long-term durability.
  • Versatile color: Available in black color with additional options upon request to adapt to different environments.
  • Without disadvantages for pedestrians: Its design doesn’t cause obstructions neither disadvantages for other pedestrians.
  • Easy installation: It adapts easily to any flat surface through a unique adhesive and catalyst, facilitating a quick and efficient installation.



  • 16.1″ x 16.1″
  • Colors: Black and yellow


This Detectable Warning Surface not only comply with its main function of provide security and guidance, it also integrates harmoniously in different urban and commercial environments.

Explore and discover its great performance. Find also the Tactile Paving that complement the accessibility to users in an urban environment.


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