Flexible Delineator Posts

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Flexible Delineator Posts

Flexible Delineator Posts are presented as versatile options to divide and sign streets efficiently. Their detachable and modular design create a convenient and functional choice. The adaptable base allows an easy floor fastening, providing flexibility on their placement.

Key Features:

  • Total mobility: With an incredible ability of 360 degrees mobility and a 45 degrees tilt, these posts are able to recover their original position without suffering damages. Their versatility is ideal to regulate and control traffic flow in parking lots, schools, and rallying points.
  • Various applications: These products stand out in constructions, works, contraflow lanes, diversions and junctions. Their resistance to impacts combines with UV protection and resistance to weather inclemency, transform them into a reliable option in different situations.
  • Visibility and security: High visibility colors, as yellow, blue, green, orange, black or white, that guarantee the post to be visible in any environment. High quality reflective stripes ensure visibility at night and day, increasing the road security.  
  • Easy assembly: Their detachable pieces with a thread join system facilitate the assembly; can be joined 1,2 or 3 modules to adjust their size according to their needs. Their transport and maneuverability are convenient, offering a convenient solution in any location.
  • Stability and automatic return: The circular base provide exceptional stability and has a spring at the center, allowing the post to recover their original position after impact. The floor fastening is achieved with four 3/8″brads, and four 5/16″ × 2″ screws with hex head and 5/16″ flat washers (not included).


Recommended usages: The Flexible Delineator Posts find their main usage in vehicle traffic regulation in parking lots, schools, works and rallying points.



  • Post of 1 module: 1.9 (height)
  • Post of 2 modules: 32.6 (height)
  • Post of 3 modules: 3.6 ft (height)


  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Black
  • Red
  • Blue


Don’t go without exploring our products, such as the Flexible Delineator Post with Base for an effective signage and traffic control.


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