Traffic Control Bollard


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Traffic Control Bollard

Assembled with precision in 14-gauge steel and embellished with black, red, orange or green enamel, the Traffic Control Bollard arise as a preventive and warning element. Strategically positioned in sidewalks to dissuade drivers from parking in pedestrian areas.

Effective separation between sidewalk and street is accomplished flawlessly, providing a safe and organized environment.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Design: Traffic Control Bollard harmoniously integrates in different spaces like parks, public squares, restaurants and hotels.
  • Durability and Customized Style: The excellent quality of the bollard not only guarantees durability but an outstanding and customized design.
  • Configuration Options: Bollard presents two versions: fixed and reboundable or flexible. The Fixed version with carbon steel base, remains immobile, while the Reboundable version with ABS base and innovative inner system tilts when impacted, recovering its vertical position.
  • Adaptable to Climate Conditions: Resistant to humidity and extreme temperature changes, the bollard guarantees an effective performance without caring the environmental conditions.
  • Reinforced Visibility: Option to include a caramel type reflective tape, providing additional visibility and standing out the presence of bollards, as improving safety in pedestrian traffic zones.


The set of Traffic Control Bollards not only complies with a preventive function, but add an aesthetic touch to any environment, ensuring organized and safe spaces.

With design, durability and adaptability options that are the perfect choice to direct and delimit areas in parking lots, warehouses, stadiums, and others.




  • Body Diameter: 4.00″ (10.16 cm)
  • Base Diameter: 7″ (18.0 cm)
  • Total Height: 35.4″ (90.0 cm)


  • Body Diameter: 4.00″ (10.16 cm)
  • Base: 8.7″ (22.3 x 22.3 cm)
  • Total Height: 35.4″ (90.0 cm)


Increase safety and style in your spaces with the Traffic Control Bollard, or with some of our products as the Traffic Safety Bollard. Fusion functionality and aesthetic in a unique way.


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