Retractable Bollards

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Retractable Bollards

Introducing the Retractable Bollards, highly resistant and protective decoration that also delineates and delimits roads.

Available in different lengths and widths, some have reflective strips or inner lighting to improve the visibility in track.

Applications: Mainly recommended for row installations, avoiding cars invade sidewalks or enter to pedestrian zones.

Key Features:

  • Ground Level: Integrated uniformly on pavement for an elegant appearance.
  • UV-Resistant: Withstand damaging sun effect, guaranteeing color integrity to long term.
  • Color Options: Available in black or grey to complement the road aesthetic.
  • Low Maintenance, Easy to Handle: Requires a minimum maintenance, providing ease of usage.
  • Tubular Steel Structure: Reinforced with a tubular steel frame for an improved resistance to impact.
  • Durable Construction: With notorious durability for a prolonged life span
  • Reflective Tape: Equipped with reflective tape for an improved visibility during night.
  • Modern and Robust Design: Presents a contemporary aspect with a solid structure.
  • Three Unique Designs: Choose among the option variety of design according with your preferences.
  • Polyethylene Material: Manufactured in high quality polyethylene for greater durability.
  • Contribute to the Safety Standards: Improve safety, contributing to a safer and higher-level environment.

Purpose: Works as crucial devices to dissuade, these bollards avoid vehicles enter to restricted areas, also used to mark the way safely, ensuring the compliance of traffic regulations.

Enhance your environment with the Retractable Bollards, versatile and aesthetically pleasant solution, adding more than a modern touch, but contributing to a safer place to live.

Choose quality, choose safety, choose the Retractable Bollards or some of our excellent and perfect bollards for road safety as the Bollard Lights.


  • Diameter: 6.6 in.
  • Height: 29.1 in. 7.8 in of embedded anchoring.
  • Colors: white, black or grey aluminum.
  • Reflective Tape: white or amber.


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