Concrete Bollards

Nombre: Bolardo Grecia Esfera

Código: PIC-GE-R


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Concrete Bollards

Enrich your urban environment with our Concrete Bollards, an exceptional option that goes further than ornamentation, offering an effective solution for space protection.

Designed to delimit transit roads, parking lots and restricted zones, these bollards are presented as ideal choices in public and private spaces.

Main Features:

  • Modern Aesthetic: The models PIC-GE-R and PIC-GC-R of our Concrete Bollards combine elegance and effectiveness, creating a road accessory with great visual impact.
  • Ecologic Versatility: Environmentally respectful, our bollards can be used filled (rigid) or empty, manufactured in cement with steel core, contributing to sustainability.
  • Unique Durability: Manufactured in medium density polyethylene resists UV-rays and maintain solid before any climate change. Its high resistance to impacts guarantees a durable protection.
  • Color Variety: Available in granite, black, grey or green, these bollards are more than functional but are aesthetically adaptable to different urban environments.
  • Low Maintenance: Embedded anchoring, these bollards don’t require maintenance ensuring an efficient solution without complications.

Contribute to a Safer Environment:

Not only avoids rust, but repels dust, maintaining an impeccable appearance over time.

Easy installation with an embedded anchoring, transforms it into an essential component to create a safe and high standard urban environment.


  • Body Diameter: 7.0 in.
  • Larger Diameter: 12.8 in.
  • Height: 4.0 ft.
  • Total Height: 4.7 ft.
  • Color: Granite, grey, green and black.


Choose our Concrete Bollards, take a step to road safety and modern aesthetic in your city.

We have a great variety of these that comply with their commitment as the solar bollard light.


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