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Bolardo tipo B

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Bollard Posts

Discover the Bollard Posts, the essential accessory for road signaling that not only embellish your city, but provides unique protection to pedestrians.

Focused on avoid vehicle invasions in restricted areas, these highly resistant bollards stand as effective guardians in urban safety.

Key Features:

  • Incomparable Robustness:Bollard Posts of steel reinforce safety in modern cities, ensuring an impenetrable barrier against non-desired intrusions.
  • Unique Durability: Guaranteed protection against UV-rays, resist humidity and extreme temperature changes. Their finish with electrostatic painting in appealing grey color guarantees a durable resistance to elements.
  •  Premium Material: Manufactured in highly resistant material, these Bollard Posts have the necessary solidity to dissuade reckless drivers and avoid non-desired impacts.
  • Incomparable Versatility: Ideal to delimit safety areas in different environments, from school and center stations to airports and malls. Also ideal to protect critical pedestrian crossings.
  • Intelligent Design: Inner skeleton manufactured with rods, these Bollard Posts are easy to install, offering also an additional resistance, ensuring a long term effective protection.


  • Diameter: Ø 6.6 in
  • Total Height: 4.2 ft
  • Functional Height: 3.2 ft


Protect your urban environment and guarantee safety with these Posts, elegant and functional choices to mark the difference. Install your bollards today and transform how you protect pedestrians and some areas of your community.

Remember we manufacture bollards and have a great variety of these products, made according to the highest standards and using the most advanced available technology, including innovations as the Metal Bollards.




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