Traffic Bollard

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Traffic Bollard

In the effective space delimitation, the Traffic Bollard stands as an unrivaled leader.

Marking the road with a flawless design and functions of incomparable security, this accessory is considered essential to limit areas as pedestrian zones, sidewalks and residential zones.

Its fundamental purpose is to limit the passage in restricted areas, ensuring a total control of the access.

The new bollards combine design, perfection and safety, delimiting road safely thanks to its manual and safe mechanism with great precision.

Strategically placed, complying with the function to restrict access, close streets or protect facades of buildings and businesses.

Its impact resistance with great magnitude and ability to withstand extreme temperature changes guarantee an exceptional durability.

Built and assembled in 100% steel with 12-gauge sheet, 1 ½” angle and ½” plate, this bollard not only follows simple steps but establishes a proper standard in quality and robustness.


Its Usage is Simple: Turn an exclusive key hides the bollard applying some pressure and to secure it is necessary to turn the key again.

This efficient system guarantees an easy and safe handling, offering a convenient solution to control the access easily, apply some pressure to hide the bollard and turn the key to secure the bollard.

In addition, its design minimize the maintenance requirements, allowing an uncomplicated experience.

In summary, the Traffic Bollards stands as the superior option for those who look an effective, durable and aesthetically pleasant solution for surface delimitation in pedestrian and residential environments.


Bollard Measurements:

  • Diameter: 10.7 in
  • Height: 18.5 in

Bollard Box/Base

  • Height: 3.5 ft
  • Width: 25.5 in
  • Length: 25.5 in
  • Colors: Black and Grey.


Test our Traffic Control Bollards, which use a long-range remote control.


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