Light Bollards

Nombre: Bolardo Luminus

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Light Bollards

Focused on efficient beaconing, signaling and lighting of roads, parks and pedestrian zones, Light Bollards or Luminus stand as modern and decorative Bollards.

Their elegant aesthetic combines unique robustness and exceptional resistance to corrosion, ensuring durability in different environmental conditions.

What are Light Bollards for?

Avoiding the invasion of prohibited areas, bollards work as crucial elements in pedestrian and road zone delimitation.

In summary, road signaling is redefined by bollards with light, combining efficacy, elegance and technology, offering an integral solution to ensure safety and order in urban spaces.

Key Features:

  • Resistant Material: Manufactured in heavy duty polyethylene, these bollards withstand daily inclemency and are UV-resistant, guaranteeing a prolonged life span.
  • Elegant Design: Their modern and decorative design along the top dome of poly-carbonate, transforms them into an aesthetically appealing option, contributing to a safe and high standard environment.
  • Efficient Lighting: Equipped with a luminous system made of LEDs powered by a photovoltaic cell, these bollards offer a uniform light through an acrylic light diffuser, ensuring optimal visibility.
  • Battery Backup: Battery backup guarantees a continuous functioning of 14-16 hours with full battery even in cloudy conditions, providing a reliable solution.

Suggested Applications:

Their usage is suggested in rows, the luminous work as an effective device to delimit and prevent vehicles invade pedestrian zones or park in sidewalks. Their presence contributes to a safe and lighted environment.


  • Total: Functional Height: 3.6 ft Ø 8.2 in.
  • Reflective Tape: Reflective Ring 22.2 in x 2.9 in of height
  • Color of Reflective Tape: Amber or White
  • Approx Weight: 77 lbs


We invite you to explore our variety of bollards and discover their qualities and benefits of each of them as the LED BOLLARD LIGHT.


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