Metal Safety Bollards

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Metal Safety Bollards

Metal Safety Bollards are essential elements in vehicle traffic control, and are ideal when incorporating to forks or center avenues.

Delimit detour zones and restrict special lanes as bikeways.

Manufactured in 14-gauge carbon steel, these low height bollards are prevention and warning devices, painted with electrostatic paint in black, red, orange or green color.

Main Features of the Metal Safety Bollards:

  1. Intelligent Design that attracts people’s attention and guarantee safety.
  2. Exists 2 versions: fixed (immobile) and reboundable version (returning to vertical position after impact)
  3. Light system with 85mm solar cell, lithium polymer battery and 12 ultrabright LEDs in amber, white or red.
  4. Resistant to humidity and extreme temperature changes.
  5. Reboundable Version complemented with solar light and silver ring to stand out the design.


Key Functions of Light System:

  • Solar technology that charges during day and automatically activates during night.
  • Solar light with acrylic and polyethylene for an efficient lighting.
  • Fixed or flashing light to adapt to different needs.


Metal Safety Bollards not only protect pedestrians, vehicles and cyclists but improve urban aesthetic with their flashing design.

Their uninterrupted presence and ability to delimit public spaces transform this device into an integral solution for traffic management and road safety in urban environments.

Ensure your public space wit the bollards that combine functionality and style.



  • Fixed:

Body Diameter: 4.00″ (10.16 cm)

Base Diameter: 7.0″ (18.0 cm)

Total Height: 35.4″ (90.0 cm)

  • Reboundable:

Body Diameter: 4.00″ (10.16 cm)

Base: 8.7″ x 8.7″ (22.3 x 22.3 cm)

Total Height: 35.4″ (90.0 cm.)


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