Steel Bollards

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Steel Bollards

In the heart of urban furniture we can find the Steel Bollards, low height posts manufactured with 11-gauge stainless steel, designed as preventive and warning devices.

Their strategical presence in rows along sidewalks comply with a crucial function: freedom and safety of pedestrians before vehicle invasion.

Main Features:

  1. Impeccable Resistance: Steel Bollards with natural color demonstrate an exceptional resistance to humidity and extreme temperature changes.
  2. Reboundable Design: Equipped with ABS base and inner system that allows to tilt if impact, recovering its vertical position.
  3. Avand-Garde Illumination: Presents a luminous head of translucent polyethylene, protected by a stainless-steel top, with 85 mm solar cell and 12 ultra bright LEDs, offering fixed or flashing modes, charging during day and standing out with two golden rings at night.
  4. Harmonic Elegance: The Steel Bollards whether are fixed or reboundable, present a fine and eye-catching design, attracting users’ attention and increasing urban aesthetic.

Versatile Applications:

  • Government Spaces: Perfect for government plazas.
  • Malls and Urban Squares: Ideal for malls and urban squares.
  • Areas of Health: Suitable for hospitals and medical environments.
  • Residential Entrances: Effective protection in condominium and hotel entrances.
  • Heavy Transit Zones: Essential in airports and vehicle transit areas.

Steel Bollards or Corinthian Bollards are versatile and have fixed or reboundable options that represent the perfect synthesis of functionality, safety and elegance in urban furniture.

Transform every pedestrian crossing in a safety and style oasis.


  • Fixed:

Body Diameter: 4.00″ (10.16 cm)

Base Diameter: 7.0″ (18.0 cm)

Total Height: 35.4″ (90.0 cm.)

  • Reboundable:

Body Diameter: 4.00″ (10.16 cm)

Base: 8.7″ (22.3 x 22.3 cm)

Total Height: 35.4″ (90.0 cm.)

Measures are nominal and may vary by approximately +/- 2%.

In a universe of safety and urban elegance, our Steel Bollards stand as the preferred choice.

Immerse yourself in the variety of our broad range of products, where stands out the presence of the Solar Bollard Light.

Discover how these elements not only guarantee safety, but add a distinctive touch to every space.


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