Security Bollards

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Security Bollards

Security Bollards, outstanding devices for their decorative and modern aesthetic, characterized for their elegance and efficacy in different urban applications.

Some models as the PIC-GE-R and PIC-GC-R are specifically designed to be used as urban delineators, contributing to the creation of high standard and safe environments.

These elements are manufactured with medium density polyethylene, where a broad range of colors is presented, including granite, black, grey or green, allowing a harmonious integration with the environment.

The Security Bollards offer significant ecological value to respect to the environment, being also resistant to UV-rays and climate changes.

Their construction in high quality polyethylene avoids rust and dust absorption, creating a low maintenance option and high durability.

This resistance is complemented for their ability to withstand impacts, ideal for pedestrian areas and to protect vulnerable zones.

The versatility of these elements reflects the possibility to choose among empty or filled Security Bollards, the filled ones are manufactured with cement and have a steel core for additional resistance.

Their installation is simplified thanks to the embedded anchoring, guaranteeing a safe and durable fastening.

Security Bollards are used to delimit transit roads, parking lot areas or protect restricted spaces for vehicle passage.

Their presence not only adds an aesthetic component to the environment, but comply with a crucial functioning in

safety and urban organization.



  • Body Diameter: 7.0 in
  • Larger Diameter: 11.6 in
  • Height: 3.4 ft
  • Total Height: 4.1 ft
  • Colors: Granite, grey, green and black


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