Fixed Bollards

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Fixed Bollards

Fixed Bollards are highly resistant and protective accessories that delineate urban environments.

With reflective rings to optimize road visibility, these Bollards can perform a crucial role in road safety.

What are Fixed Bollards?

These are robust decorations designed to delineate and protect, with reflective rings that enhance visibility.

Its versatility stands out when offering the retraction option.

What are Fixed Bollards used for?

These bollards comply with an essential function to prevent vehicle invasions in restricted zones, also used to delimit roads safely. Specially recommended in rows, impeding vehicles invade sidewalks or enter to pedestrian zones.



  • Effective as urban delineator.
  • Robust material for more durability:
  • Impede the access or forbidden parking.
  • Contribute to a safer environment.
  • Manufactured in medium density polyethylene.
  • Tubular steel skeleton for impact resistance.
  • Resistant to UV-rays.
  • Easy installation, embedded.
  • Decorated with reflective tape for night visibility.
  • Available in two heights: 3.6 ft and 27.5 in

Fixed Bollards are more than an effective option for traffic safety, they also stand out for their durability, resistance and easy installation, creating the ideal choice to maintain urban spaces protected and aligned.


Diameter: 5.9 in

Height: 27.5 in, 7.8 in for floor anchoring

Reflective tape in yellow or amber.


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