Bollard Post

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Bollard Post

In the heart of urban planning and road safety, we found the Bollard Post, an urban furniture jewel with a high range, designed with meticulous processes to guarantee exceptional durability.

Its robust and modern structure is positioned as a quiet guardian, contributing to a safe and high standard environment.

Key Features:

  • Robust Construction: Manufactured in polyethylene, this bollard presents a robust and modern body that acts as a protective shield in urban environments.
  • Tubular Steel Skeleton: Its inner tubular steel skeleton reinforces the impact resistance, providing a reliable defense against non-desired intrusions.
  • Maintenance Free: Designed for comfort, this Bollard Post requires a minimum maintenance, allowing an easy and effective management.
  • Resistant to Elements: Challenging elements, this is resistant to UV-rays and has an exceptional durability that lasts over time.
  • Reflective Zone: Its ample reflective zone not only adds an aesthetic touch but improves significantly night visibility contributing to road safety.
  • Quick Installation: Installed to floor, providing an effective barrier against vehicle invasion in prohibited zones.



  • Height: 38.9 in
  • Total Height: 3.9 ft
  • Diameter: 10 in
  • Length: 8.6 in
  • Color: Black or Grey


Bollard Post not only delimits effectively the restricted access areas, but also redefine urban landscape with its contemporary design and functionality. Raise urban safety to new heights while adding a touch of sophistication to any urban environment.

As the Bollard Post we have a great variety of bollards manufactured with high standards for prolonged functioning and performance as the Aesthetic Bollard.



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