Water Wall Barrier

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Water Wall Barrier

Experience the superior level of road safety with our innovative Water Wall Barrier of Multiseñal.

Designed to guarantee an effective protection on highway and road environments, this barrier offers an exceptional performance on traffic management and road works security.

Manufactured in high quality materials, our barriers stand out by its structural resistance and durability, ensuring a long-life span even in adverse weather conditions.

The versatility of these barriers reflects its ability to adapt to different environments and specific needs. Its modular design facilitates a quick and safe installation, allowing its implementation on different road projects. In addition, comply with the strictest design, size and functional specifications, ensuring an optimal execution of the official regulations

Choose this model of Multiseñal for a comprehensive and reliable solution in traffic safety matters. Discover a product that not only delimit effectively, but enhance traffic management and prevent accidents. Click now to access maximum protection on highways with our Water Ball Barrier!


  • Length: 4.0 ft
  • Width: 21.6 in
  • Height: 31.2 in

Find these and all kinds of traffic barriers at Multiseñal, where we are manufacturers and exporters of a broad range of signaling and road safety products.


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