Plastic Road Barrier

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plastic road barrier

Plastic Road Barrier

Optimize your event management with our Plastic Road Barrier, a versatile solution designed to provide safety through effective delimiting, signaling and cordoning off.

Not only complies with its main function, but direct crowds to specific places. Their 2 swivel casters facilitate transport and storage.

Manufactured in high molecular weight polyethylene, this barrier offers evenness on wall thickness, translated into better performance in daily use.

This feature combined with a long-life span, resistance to adverse weather conditions and temperature changes, ensures an exceptional durability.

In addition, has UV-protection to maintain its structural integrity over time.

The join of these barriers is easy, quick and safe, guaranteeing an efficient installation in every event.

Our additional options with reflective are perfect for nighttime events providing an optimal visibility.

It has an advertising space to show important information or publicity.

Make every event a success with our barriers, designed for efficiency, durability and safety. Explore more…


  • Length: 5.2 ft.
  • Height: 3.2 ft.
  • Width: 19.6 in.
  • Color: blue, orange, black or yellow
  • Reflective: Yellow or white
  • Option to fill its legs with sand, providing more stability.


At Multiseñal our traffic barriers catalog enhances durability and efficiency in every work.

Discover our great variety of products such as the water wall barrier, designed to provide effective protection on highways and road environments.


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