Traffic Paddle

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Traffic Paddle

Introducing our Traffic Paddle as an essential tool in traffic signaling matters, designed to offer a clear and efficient guidance on construction and road works environments.

Key Features:

  1. Optimal Visibility: Equipped with black and white reflective colors, ensuring an optimal visibility for day and night.
  2. Durable Material: Manufactured in resistant and durable materials (polypropilene), this Traffic Paddle withstands harsh environment in road settings, ensuring a long life-span.
  3. Versatility: Its versatile design allows implementation on various situations, from traffic control to specific directions in road works.
  4. Ergonomic Design: Created for user’s comfort, this Traffic Paddle has an ergonomic handle that facilitates uses during long periods of functioning.



  • Safety Reinforcement: Traffic Paddle contributes to road safety providing clear and comprehensive signs for drivers and pedestrians.
  • Efficient Functioning: Its effective implementation speeds up traffic flow processes and road works management, improving flow and reducing waiting time.
  • Regulatory Compliance:  Complying with applicable traffic standards in any road project.


In summary, this Traffic Paddle is considered an essential component to improve road signaling in various situations.

Its innovative design and durability is a reliable choice for professionals on construction and road signaling fields.

Discover how this Traffic Paddle can improve its efficiency and safety in your road projects.

  • Length: 0.3 in
  • Height: 0.7 in
  • Base: 0.2 2 in
  • Reflective: white or amber


Multiseñal is a leading company that provides a broad range of traffic barriers optimizing construction and work procedures, enhancing safety for workers and general population.


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