Plastic chain

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Plastic Chain

Plastic Chain is a versatile and weather resistant product, considered the ideal choice to delimit restricted areas and pedestrian zones.

From windows to works, the plastic chain is an effective barrier against non-authorized personnel in different areas, ensuring security and a regulated access.


  • Thick Material: Chain is manufactured in plastic resistant to weather, ensuring an exceptional durability in adverse conditions.
  • Efficient Perimeter Closing: Plastic chain creates a safe and effective barrier to delimit restricted areas.
  • Perfect to complement: Combine with delineator posts and bollards, to increase the delimited zone and provide a comprehensive solution for regulated access.
  • Versatile and durable: adaptable to long closings, for traffic flow and delimit the effective pedestrian zones for different circumstances.

Highlighted Features:

  • High-Quality Material: Manufactured in polyethylene, guaranteed resistance and long-life span.
  • UV Protection: It also has a coating to protect chain from UV-ray, with exceptional durability in challenging outdoor environments.
  • Customized Color: Available in yellow, and option to customize, depending  on the project.
  • Guidance: Ideal for long closings, creating an effective guidance in pedestrian and vehicle traffic, to improve security and order on limited areas.

Plastic Chain is the most efficient, durable and adaptable delimiter to control access and regulate spaces, a comprehensive and versatile solution.


  • Link, 1/4″ thickness
  • 35 mm x 20 mm Link
  • 43 links per meter/3.2 ft
  • Reel of 25 meters/82 ft


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