Delineator post with base

Nombre: Poste Alineador

Código: R-1145


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delineator post with base

Delineator Post with Base

In the universe of road sign, Delineator Post with Base highlights as a tireless guard, performing an essential role as a temporary delineator in the different traffic zones.

Experiment a safety revolution with this versatile element that is not only used for restricted areas, but increase pedestrian and vehicular experience to a new standard.

Unique Features: 
  1. Unlimited Usage: From highways, avenues to parking and routes. This post is adaptable to any surrounding, whether is to restricted or delimited areas.
  2. Temporary Routes: To guarantee a  safe traffic flow, temporary routes are perfect to guide cyclists, drivers, and pedestrians.
  3. Important Features: Manufactured in medium density polyethylene, against UV ray and resistant to vehicular shocks and impacts, ensuring pedestrian’s safety.
  4. Perfect Stability: Heavyweight octagonal base, contributing to a stability like no other, weather resistant.
  5. Optimal Visibility at night: Equipped with two high quality reflective rings and an upper reflector. During night, this Delineator Post with Base becomes a security lighthouse, perfect to complement with plastic chains or warning tapes.
  6. Friendly Atmosphere: This special post is ideal for works, accidents, events and any circumstance that requires a reliable signaling.  Weather and environment resistant.
Functionality in Action:

Imagine a transformed highway into a ballet orchestrated by these delineator posts, guiding traffic in the most effective and safe way.

From accident prevention to lane channelization in massive events, this element stands as the reliable guard that defines and protects our roads.

Is more than just a post, is the declaration of commitment with road safety and an invitation to a safer and more enthusiast journey.



  • Diameter: 3.7 in.
  • Height: 44.8 in.


  • Diameter: 15.7 in.
  • Height: 3.1 in.

Color: Black.

Reflective: White or Amber


The Delineator Post with Base is transforming road safety into an innovative experience. Discover more traffic products as the delineator post and base or the traffic delineator post.

Welcome to the future of road sign!


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