Traffic Channelizers

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Traffic Channelizers

Traffic Channelizers are an innovative tool for road demarcation, presented as the ideal choice to delimit and organize lanes of bike ways or guide traffic flow efficiently. Their versatile design allows their usage as speed bump or channelizers, guaranteeing a safe and organized transit.


Key Features:

  1. Adaptable to Any Surface: Install these lane separators on any even surface, offering flexibility on their applications.
  2. Stop Sign Reinforcement: Strength the stop sign with these products that standout for their visibility and effectiveness.
  3. Immediate Installation: Designed for a quick installation, the Traffic Channelizers can be assemble easily, allowing their implementation immediately.
  4. Unique Durability: Resistant to front and lateral impacts, these devices are almost unbreakable, without cracking or breaking, neither decomposing.
  5. Complete Protection: With UV-ray resistance, humidity, oil and extreme temperatures, these devices remain unchanged before adverse conditions.
  6. Easy Mounting: Their installation is easy thanks to 5 ultrafix polyethylene screws (not included), without a continuous maintenance.

As Traffic Channelizers:

These products standout for their functions as channelizers or lane separators and for combining two leader products:

  1. Minitop 445: Manufactured in high density polyethylene, this component provides robustness and resistance.
  2. Delineator Post 66: Manufactured in poliflexy®, a material that combine softness and resistance, offering durability without damaging vehicles in case of impact.



  • Length of Each End Cap: 11.0 in
  • Width: 11.8 in
  • Height: 1.7 in
  • Colors: black and yellow
  • Delineator Post: Orange, yellow or green
  • Reflective Tape: White or amber


This fusion creates modern, appealing and functional products that provide more than security, but improve road aesthetic offering an ideal solution for bikeways and contraflow lanes.

Discover more of our road signage as the Separated Bike Way and transform traffic management safely and efficiently.


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