Separated Bike Lanes

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Separated Bike Lanes

Transform your streets and lanes with the Separated Bike Lanes, a versatile solution designed to enhance traffic safety and delimit spaces efficiently.

Ideal to guide traffic or create special lanes for cyclists, these dividers provide an effective solution to manage vehicle flow.

Key Features:
  1. Strategical Confinement: The lane separators are designed for their placement in contraflow lanes, two-way avenues or bike ways.
  2. Durable Construction: Manufactured in medium density polyethylene, these Separated Bike Lanes are resistant and durable; their design in one piece with two boreholes facilitates the installation, providing an effective and long-term solution.
  3. Variety of Colors: Available in yellow, green or black, the Separated Bike Lanes can perfectly integrate to any urban environment, guaranteeing visibility and complying with the safety standards.
  4. Prioritizing Security: Round borders ensure road safety to avoid damages to vehicles and cyclists, developing a safe transit environment.
  5. Night Visibility: Equipped with reflective on both ends, these devices guarantee a great visibility even in low light conditions, increasing safety at night and day.
  6. Lightweight Design: Their lightweight design facilitates transportation, enabling a fast implementation and change of placement, according to the avenue needs.
  7. Option of Delineator Post-66: The version with post of poliflexy® withstands more than 10,000 run overs, providing an additional safety coating, offering cyclists a more reliable and protected experience.
  8. Easy Installation: Consists in two embedded anchors + epoxy resin, the dividers are installed quickly and safely, providing a maximum fastening in any road environment.


  • Length: 31.8 in
  • Width: 6.2 in
  • Height: 3.5 in


Reflective Sheeting:

  • Amber, white or red



  • Green, black or yellow


Whether are used to manage traffic flow, create special lanes or improve safety for cyclists, the Separated Bike Lanes are the ideal choice.

Today you can transform your streets and create a safer and more efficient environment. Explore more solar products of Multiseñal as the Bike Lane Channeler.


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