Modular Lane Separator

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Modular Lane Separator

The Modular Lane Separator is more than a simple device to demarcate lanes, is your ally for a safe and organized transit.

This versatile device is manufactured with high density polyethylene and adaptable to different applications, standing out as a speed bump and efficient channelizer.

Key Features:

  1. Multi-functionality: The divider not only demarcate lanes, but acts as a speed bump or channelizer, providing convenient solutions for different traffic needs.
  2. Easy Installation on Any Surface: Perfect to reinforce stop signs, this device is installed easily on any even surfaces. Its immediate mounting creates a convenient solution to improve road safety.
  3. Robustness and Durability: Designed to resist front or lateral impacts, the Modular Lane Separator is almost unbreakable; in addition, it doesn’t crack, break neither decompose, ensuring an exceptional durability.
  4. Total Protection: With UV resistance, humidity, oil and extreme temperatures, this device is in optimal conditions without maintenance.
  5. Quick Mounting: Its male-female assembly and ease of installation consists in 5 ultrafix screws and 5 extralarge polyethylene anchors (not included), creating an all-accessible device.

As Channelizer:

It is transformed into an efficient channelizer when is used with the Delineator Post 66, manufactured in poliflexy®, this combination offers a modern and appealing solution, providing safety without damaging vehicles in case of impact.

Functional Design:

Ideal for bikeways and contraflow lanes, the Modular Lane Separator and the Delineator Post 66 create a modern and functional product.

The softness and resistance of poliflexy® guarantee security, but also improve the road aesthetic, providing a pleasant experience to drivers.



  • Length of each module: 10.9 in
  • Width: 11.8 in
  • Height: 1.7 in
  • Colors: black and yellow.
  • Delineator Post: Orange, yellow or green
  • Reflective Tape: white or amber


Discover innovation to demarcate highways and roads with the Modular Lane Separator and explore the features of the Traffic Channelizers, another great option for an efficient and safe transit.


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