Lane Channeler with Tubular Marker

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Lane Channeler with Tubular Marker

The Lane Channeler with Tubular Marker is the perfect solution to manage traffic efficiently, designed specially to counteract light and heavy vehicle flow.

With a 31.4 in parking stop and a 25/20 in delineator post of vitem-flex®, this divider stand out for its versatility and easy handling.

Key Features: 

  1. Adaptable Design: Its flexible structure allows an easy installation in various surfaces, having the ideal option to any traffic environment.
  2. Unique Resistance: Manufactured to resist inclemency, the delineator post-81 withstands UV-rays, humidity, oil and extreme temperature changes. This durability ensures a constant performance over time.
  3. Zero Maintenance: Forget about expensive Channelers with frequent maintenance; this device can be in optimal conditions without regular interventions.
  4. Traffic Safety Contribution: Equipped with 2 or 3 reflective rings in white, this divider improve night visibility, contributing to road safety and preventing accidents.
  5. Easy to Storage and Transport: Its compact design facilitates the storage and transport, allowing an efficient and affordable management.

Easy Installation:

The installation of this device is simple and quick, it uses 2 steel anchors (not included) to fasten safely.

The flexible delineator post guarantees to recover its original position after run over, without committing functionality.



  • Length: 32 in
  • Width: 6.2 in
  • Height: 3.3 in
  • Height of Post: 31.8 in
  • Parking Stop: 31.8 in .x 20.0 in


In summary, the Lane Channeler with Tubular Marker is more than a convenient and durable solution but improves road safety significantly.

Implement this Lane Channeler and experiment a more effective and safer traffic management.

Discover more of our road products, try their quality and usage as the Lane Delineators.


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