Raised Pavement Marking

Nombre: Boya de aluminio 200

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Raised Pavement Marking

The Raised Pavement Marking is made of aluminum, which is an innovative horizontal signaling device that develops an essential role in traffic management in roads, highways and urban streets.

Focusing on road safety, we’re going to explore the features and benefits that make of this marking an outstanding option to delimit zones, reduce speed and protect potentially dangerous areas.

Features of the Raised Pavement Marking:

  • Innovative Reflective: With many reflective, this marking is visible from any angle, increasing its effectiveness in low-light conditions.
  • Simplified Installation: Equipped with 3 holes that allow an easy installation, this can be with spike nails or extra-large plugs, adapting to different surfaces.
  • Zero Maintenance: The Raised Pavement Marking doesn’t require maintenance, that guarantees long-term durability without additional costs.
  • Collision Resistance: Designed to withstand vehicle’s impact that offer low friction to tires, reducing damages and increasing security.
  • Pavement Adaptability: Its versatility makes of this Raised Pavement Marking adaptable to any environment type, ensuring efficacy in different environments.
  • Robust Design for Heavy Traffic: Manufactured to resist heavy traffic, this marking is ideal to delimit and separate vehicles in urban and highway environments.
  • Versatile Use: Perfect for lane restriction in public transport, bike ways or speed bumps, this device adapts to different needs in road safety.
Recommendations for Effective Usage:
  • Strategical positioning: Place the Raised Pavement Marking in key places to maximize the visibility and efficiency in traffic management.
  • Regular Monitoring: Even though this device doesn’t require a regular monitoring, ensures your integrity and optimal functioning.
  • Coordination with Signaling: To combine this Raised Pavement Marking with adequate signaling reinforce its impact and help drivers to understand its purpose.


  • Diameter: 7.8 in
  • Height: 1.5 in


Explore more about Round Road Markers in our website to find updated and detailed information about its implementation and advantages in road environments.

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