Heavy Duty Road Stud

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Heavy Duty Road Stud

In road signaling matters, these Heavy-Duty Road Studs are considered an essential device for delimitation and safety in highways, streets and urban roads.

Their usage as speed bump, stop or zone delimiter creates a key choice to optimize the traffic management.

This innovative device which non-deformable body resists friction and abrasion is presented as a basic and affordable solution that stands out for its high resistance to shocks and impacts.

Main Features:

  • High Visibility during Day and Night: Metal Road Studs are very visible in both, day and night, thanks to their ample size and eye-catching color. These features make an efficient element to demarcate counter-flow lanes, in urban and highway areas.
  • Reflective in one or both sides: Designed to maximize visibility, the metallic road stud has reflective surfaces in one or both sides, ensuring an effective signaling in various light conditions.
  • Steel Robust Body: Molded in one piece of steel, that as the Solar Steel Pavement Marker present an exceptional resistance to rusting and adapts to heavy traffic environments. Its non-deformable body guarantees durability and reliability over time.


Usage Recommendations: 

  1. Easy Installation: Heavy-Duty Road Stud is easily installed with 4 included bolts, allowing a quick and efficient implementation.
  2. Adaptability to any Pavement: Its versatile design makes this device adaptable to different pavement types, providing flexibility in different road environments.
  3. Smart Choice for Road Signaling: Considering the Heavy-Duty Road Stud as an integral part of road safety strategy, this will contribute to traffic management optimization and risk reduction in highways, streets and urban roads.


  • Length: 8.2 in.
  • Width: 8.2 in.
  • Height: 21 in.
  • Reflective: white, amber or red.


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