Reflective Street Signs

Nombre: Nomenclatura New City 390

Código: NOM-390N

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nomenclatura new city 390

Reflective Street Signs

The Reflective Street Signs redefine the urban signaling with a modern and versatile design that fusion aesthetics and functionality in one distinctive piece.

Molded with avant-garde materials these Street Signs are the answer to the strictest standards of resistance, ensuring durability to elements and protection against vandal acts in public lighting environments.

Outstanding Features:

  • Curve Front and Flexibility: Their innovative design presents a curve front that allows the application of any flexible film with adherence, facilitating the labeling in both faces. An adaptable solution to different signaling needs.
  • Robust Building: Manufactured in black RCB polymer, molded in one piece with two integrated flaps for a safe and easy installation.  The Reflective Street Signs are are a vandal-resistant and capricious element, ideal to indicate locations and to be used as an advertising platform.
  • Unique Durability: Resistant to corrosion, these devices have a great durability, they don’t rust to corrosion. They also have UV protection against UV rays, adverse climate conditions and temperature changes to guarantee an exceptional performance in any environment.


Additional Benefits:

  • Sustainability: 100% recyclable, contribute to a commitment to the environment.
  • Versatile Installation: Their easy mounting through a stainless steel clamp adapts to RHS, tubular posts or existent structures, providing flexibility on their implementation.


  • Total Length: 15.3 in
  • Width: 3.5 in
  • Height: 10.2 in


Discover the Reflective Street Signs with a perfect fusion of contemporaneous aesthetic and functional resistance that elevates the urban signaling to new quality standards.

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