Wood Benches

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Wood Benches

The wood benches have integrated armrests on the lateral supports, standing out its curvy design, and creating attractive elements of street furniture.

This bench provides structure and resistance, the lateral supports allow people to comfortably sit to improve life quality and promoting the correct use of public spaces.

It is presented as a complementary decoration that highlights the infrastructure and urban furnishing, integrating itself to the city’s appearance.

Designed with durable materials, resistant to temperature changes and outdoor wear and tear, these benches offer specific features:

Resistant Configuration:

    • The assembly of this bench has 2 structural supports with armrests and one central support.
    • Seat and back manufactured with options, such as wooden planks with marine polyurethane finish, 12-gauge steel sheet with  laser-cut open work design, or plastic wood profiles.
  1. Versatile Applications:
    • Ideal for parks, public squares, historic centers, et al.
    • Necessary elements in public spaces that foment to a successful coexistence among citizens.
  2. Key Features: 
    • With a capacity to comfortably accommodate up to 3 to 5 people.
    • Fastening to the floor by means of 3/8″ x 5.9 in “Ultrafix” screws and ¾” x 5.5 in “Extralarge” anchors.
    • Elegance and comfort that facilitate activities, such as reading, social coexistence, or rest. Environmental Commitment:
    • The supports are manufactured in 100% medium density polyethylene that contributes to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
    • Warranty of weather resistance and minimum maintenance required.



  • Width:24.0 in
  • Length: 5.9 ft or 9.8 ft
  • Height: 30.7 in


In conclusion, Toledo wood benches stands as functional and aesthetic elements that contribute to urban life with its long-lasting design and capacity to enrich many activities in public spaces.

Explore our models of outdoors benches, such as the curved outdoor bench, or the curved bench, just the best products to improve your urban environment.


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