Curved Outdoor Bench

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Curved Outdoor Bench

Curved Outdoor Bench: Innovative modular street furniture for open-air spaces.

In the search of innovative solutions for outdoors, it is presented a modular bench, designed up to four people.

Its contemporary style and exceptional functionality are some outstanding features.

The installation of this bench is easy, thanks to the straight design that creates an ideal choice for parks, hallways and along the docks.

Key Features:
  1. Unique and Versatile Design: Its rectilinear design is perfect to install in parks, hallways and along the docks, harmoniously adapting to different outdoor environments.
  2. Advanced Options: This bench is distinguished for its interior lighting, Bluetooth audio connection and charging plug for mobile devices, providing a full experience to users.
  3. Minimum Maintenance: Designed to minimize the maintenance efforts, guaranteeing a long durability and resistance.
  4. Anti-graffiti-Coating: Equipped with an anti-graffiti coating, maintaining its aesthetic and facilitating the cleanse of possible vandalism.
  5. UV-Resistant: Made of materials that offer protection against UV-rays, ensuring its resistance to discoloration and damage to sun exposure.
  6. Resistant to impacts and Criminal Acts: Its resistant structure is perfect to withstands impacts and vandal-acts, to guarantee unshakable durability.
  7. Sensibility and easy to install: Its easy installation ensure that this bench can be placed in several outdoor environments.
  8. Variety of Colors: Available in white, granite and gray, with option to select or custom the color according to preferences and needs.



  • Length: 6.8 ft
  • Width: 25.9 in
  • Height: 3.5 ft


This outdoor bench is not only a styled addition to open-air spaces, but a solution of durable and functional furniture, to satisfy the needs and use.

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