Road markers reflectors

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Road Markesr Reflectors

For horizontal demarcation, these Road Markers Reflectors or pavement markers with retroreflection for dark, are an essential and outstanding device on traffic safety matters.

We will explore the most essential features of these Road Markers Reflectors to develop night visibility on adverse conditions, providing guidance and warning on dangerous zones.

  1. In order to optimize visibility in challenging circumstances, road marker reflectors are focused on retroreflection, and also used to reinforce horizontal demarcation, especially on low-light conditions.
  2. Road Marker Reflectors performs a crucial role on adverse weather conditions or night circumstances, preventing from potentially dangerous places as bridges, tunnels, slopes or curves.
  3. Characterized by a high-tech design with a pyramidal-trunk shape, presenting specific colors according to the project, such as white for track separation, yellow for fork demarcation.
  4. Its versatility is shown with the mono or bidirectional vision, can be one or two retroreflective sides, maintaining its adaptability ability.
  5. Equipped with clefts for a manual installation. Its integrated honeycomb-shaped cells allow to absorb the compressing generated by vehicle’s impact.
  6. Manufactured from ABS, these road studs ensure an optimal performance of resistance and stretching on adverse weather conditions, to comply with ASTM D-4280 standard.
  7. Maintaining a height lower than .7 in and a tilt angle of no more than 45°, avoiding the block of traffic flow.
  8. Its reflective surface has an abrasion resistant coating. Road studs guarantee a long-life span.


  • Length: 4.5 in
  • Width: 3.1
  • Height: 0.6 in
  • Colors: White or yellow.


Expand your traffic signaling options, explore our broad range of reflective pavement markers and verify its quality and performance. 


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