Reflective Pavement markers

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Reflective Pavement Markers

Reflective Pavement Markers, also known as road studs, cat’s eye or raised pavement markers, these are crucial traffic devices for highway’s security.

These elements are strategically placed on highways, in order to provide an efficient warning of road delimitation, specially on wet conditions.

On this review, we’ll explore the qualities of these devices supported by methodical research, proving their ability to significantly reduce accident rates on center line roads.

Main features:

  • Device for guidance, specially on wet conditions.
  • Ideal to implement on highways, high resistance to shocks and impacts,
  • With option of choose one or two reflective sides, allowing greater visibility.
  • Its smooth body, guarantees durability and efficiency on roads.
  • Equipped with high impact methyl methacrylate reflective with high retroreflective optical prisms.
  • Recommended for highways, it has been shown to reduce approximately 0.5 accidents per million vehicle miles.

Additional features:

  • Available in elegant stainless steel, with option of bolts for a safer fastening to the floor.
  • Broad range of reflective colors, such as amber, white and red for a clear signaling.
  • High intensity prisms, enhancing night and day visibility.
  • Adjustable to different roads, from streets and avenues to two -way high speed highways.


  • Length 3.9 in
  • Width 3.9 in
  • Height .7 in
  • Color of Prisms: White, amber and red.


In conclusion, these raised pavement markers arises as essentials for road safety, standing out on accident’s reduction.

With customization options and first quality reflective considered as an optimal election.

Explore our Raised Pavement Marker for hoghways, ensuring an exceptional functioning.


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