Temporary raised pavement markers

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Temporary Raised Pavement Markers

The Temporary Raised Pavement Markers is a versatile device, manufactured with Vitem-flex®, remarkable for its ability to recover shape after vehicle impacts.


  • Manufactured in Vitem-flex®, the temporary raised pavement marker stands as a temporary and flexible marker.
  • With an exceptional resistance to vehicular impacts, considered as the optimal option for road repairs and works.
  • Despite receive impacts, this pavement marker doesn’t experience deformations, maintaining an intact structure.
  • In contact situations, this marker recovers shape after impact or run-over.
  • Its high visibility orange color contributes to a safe road during day.
  • The durability of this device ensures a long life-span and a reliable performance over time.
  • Ideal for temporary signaling on potholes or open drainage, considered as a versatile and effective option.
  • Equipped with two high-intensity reflectives, improving significantly its night visibility.
  • Available in self-adhesive presentations facilitating its easy and quick installation.
  • Its 100% stackable design optimizes storage.


  • Length: 4.8 in.
  • Width: 1.1 in.
  • Height: 5.3 in.
  • Body: Orange. Base: Black.
  • Reflective: White or amber.


In conclusion, temporary raised pavement marker arises as a comprehensive solution for temporary situations on road matters, standing out by its durability, visibility and adaptability in several circumstances.

Discover more about our amazing products, such as the Temporary Pavement Marker, an efficient device for any pavement type.


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