Epoxy For Roadstud

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Epoxy for Roadstud

Epoxy for Roadstud, an innovative adhesive of two components developed specifically for the join of pavement and road studs, buttons, pavement markers, speed bumps and humps, reflectors, et al.

This flexible product has a quick gelation at a room temperature, standing out by its versatility and resistance to substrates. Also, to its ability to resist adverse weather conditions.

With high resistance to mechanical stress and without toxic properties, the Epoxy Adhesive its presented as an efficient and durable solution.

The features and a quick guide to ensure optimal use are below:


  • A flexible adhesive of two components developed for quick gelation at room temperature.
  • Specially designed to join road studs to pavement.
  • Approximate performance of 3.5 oz mixture for 3.9 x 3.9 in road studs.
  • Epoxy Bucket of 55.1 lb. per component.
  • Excellent adhesion for a wide range of substrates.
  • Resistant to adverse weather conditions.
  • Nontoxic.
  • High resistance to impacts, abrasion,mechanical and thermal stress.
  • Great resistance to chemical solvents.
  • Waterproof and anti-corrosion.

Quick Application Guide:

  1. Clean the surface of the pavement and the device, make sure both are dry, free of dust and grease.
  2. First, add the component B (catalyst) to component A (resin) to guarantee the effectiveness of the product. Mix the components in equal proportions (component A and component B).
  3. Stir the mixture until a homogeneous gray color is obtained, starting the gelation process in 15 to 20 minutes, with the reaction speed reduced, as the amount of prepared mixture increases.
  4. Apply directly to the prepared area and to the surface of the attachment with minimal pressure, using a spatula or caulk gun.


Note: It is suggested the use of safety goggles, gloves and clothing. In addition, during its application it is essential to avoid smoke and contact with skin and eyes.


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