Rubber Parking Stops

Nombre: Tope Económico 180

Código: TPES-N-180


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Rubber Parking Stops

Discover the ideal solution for your environment protection with our Rubber Parking Stops of maximum durability.

Manufactured with a high-quality polymer fusion, these Rubber Parking Stops are resistant and effective, and also comply with the highest environmental standards, due are 100% recycled.

Key Features:

  • One piece construction: Ensure a unique integral structure, due our stops are made of rubber to withstand passage of time, molding them in one piece.
  • UV Protection: Thanks to the UV-resistance, these stops maintain their appearance and functionality over time, even under the constant sun exposure.
  • Adaptability to climate conditions: Exceptional resistance to humidity, oil, climate variation, ensuring an optimal performance in diverse conditions.
  • Efficiency to stop vehicles: Their rounded borders offer a great security when stopping vehicles, avoiding damage to parked vehicles
  • High visibility: Equipped with three lateral reflective stripes, these stops provide exceptional visibility at long distances, guaranteeing security in any environment.
  • Easy installation: We facilitate the installation with a system that use 3 anchors of 10″ x ½” and epoxy resin (not included), ensuring a robust fastening to the floor.



  • Length: 5.9 ft
  • Height: 4.3 in
  • Width: 6.1 in
  • Colors: Black with yellow or black with blue


Choose excellence in protection with our Rubber Parking Stop. The durability, resistance and ease of installation make of these Rubber Parking Stops the ideal choice to guarantee security and calm in your environment.


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