Parking Blocks Rubber

Nombre: Tope Vial 55

Código:  TPES-N-55


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tope vial n 55

Parking Blocks Rubber

The Parking Blocks Rubber are devices designed to stop the vehicles that park in parking stalls, giving an efficient solution for traffic management and the protection of vehicles as infrastructures.

Here we present the key features that make of these stops the ideal choice:

Key Features:

  1. Superior flexibility and resistance:
    • In comparison with regular stops of concrete or asphalt, the Parking Blocks Rubber are flexible and resistant.
    • They don’t break neither crack, guaranteeing a long-term durability
  2. Universal adaptability:
    • Adjust perfectly to any even surface, facilitating their installation in different environments.
  3. Optimal height to protect current vehicles:
    • Their height is designed to avoid possible damages to cars with low bumpers, providing an effective protection.
  4. Safe and elegant design:
    • Round borders to guarantee high security without causing damages to vehicles.
    • Molded in one piece with polymer fusion, maintaining their original black color for longer time.
  5. Eco friendly and durable stop:

    • Manufactured in 100% recycled material that contributes to sustainability.
    • UV-ray protection, resistance to humidity, oil, and climate variations for a prolonged life span.
  6. Versatility in different environments:
    • Ideal for indoor and outdoor parking lots, adapting to different needs.
  7. Design with lateral stripe (customizable):

    • Lateral stripe available to customize in yellow traffic color.
    • Option of prismatic reflective stripe in yellow or blue for more visibility.
  8. Easy installation:

    • Two holes for an easy installation.
    • Includes design for anchoring with 2 boreholes: is recommended to use 7/16” X 61⁄2″ steel anchors with epoxy resin (not included).



  • Length: 21.6 in
  • Height: 3.9 in
  • Width: 5.9 in
  • Colors: Black
  • Reflective Tape: Yellow or Blue


Choose the Parking Blocks Rubber and ensure an efficient traffic management of parking lots with solutions that stand out for its resistance, adaptability, and careful design.

We invite you to explore our variety of stopper parking for parking lots, as the Rubber Parking Stops, and others.


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