Parking Wheel Stopper

Nombre: Tope económico 51

Código: TPES-S-51


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topes de polietileno

Parking Wheel Stopper

Experiment the maximum efficacy in traffic control with our polyethylene parking stops, as the Parking Wheel Stopper carefully designed to adapt to different applications; from contraflow devices to Stopper Parking.

With unique features that guarantee durability and ease of usage, these stops make the ideal choice for your traffic management needs.

Key Features:

  1. Superior Versatility: Ideal for contraflow situations as parking stops too, offering an exceptional performance in any environment.
  2. Unique resistance: Lane separator for heavy and light transit, anchored safely to two embedded rods in epoxy resin for an insuperable stability and resistance.
  3. Impact durability: Built to resist impacts and roll pressure, ensuring a long life span even in strict conditions.
  4. UV protection: Equipped with a UV protective coating to maintain its color and resistance to constant sun exposure.
  5. Light and ergonomic design: Its intelligent design allows an easy transportation thanks to its reduced weight, without committing its robustness.

Ease of installation: 

  • Easy anchoring: It is easily installed with two nails, ensuring a durable fastening.
  • Epoxy glue: For an additional fastening, it is recommended the usage of epoxy resin, providing a safer installation.


Security in first instance:

  • Smooth surfaces: Designed with smooth surfaces, without cutting edges and round borders, prioritizing security in every detail.



  • 20.0 in length
  • 3.1 in  height
  • 6.2 in width
  • Colors: yellow or black


Choose our polyethylene stops and transform the traffic management in an efficient and safe experience. Become traffic control challenges into successful solutions with our superior quality line of products!


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